Scheduler 5.1

With Scheduler 3 you can schedule custom tasks that run unattended on specific dates and time
5.1 (See all)

"Scheduler 3 the Scriptable" is a tool that allows you to schedule
your own scripts to call various system functions.
Many of functions can be combined within one task.

With "Scheduler 3" you can schedule tasks that run unattended on
specific dates and times or at periodic intervals. System actions to
be executed described by the task as script that looks like
JavaScript. Besides, a task has a set of additional attributes like
restrictions, priority etc.

The script itself is a sequence of variables declarations and function
calls. Each function belongs to one of of the plugins connected to
Scheduler and performs specific action such as execute applications,
creating folders, deleting files, sending email or ICQ message,
reminding etc.

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